Know About IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

The Indian Administrative Service is the administrative civil service of the Government of India. IAS officers control important positions in the Government, State governments and Public Sector Undertakings. The IAS officers are recruited by the Union government on the recommendation of the Union Public Service Commission and posted under various state governments.
History of IAS- From 1858, after the demise of the East India Company’s rule in India, the British civil service took on its administrative responsibilities. The cause of the change in the governance had been the Indian Rebellion of 1857, which came close to toppling British rule in the country. At the time of the partition of India, the Indian Civil Service was divided between the new Dominions of India and Pakistan. The parts which went to India retained the name “ Indian Civil Service”, while Pakistan renamed the parts it herited the “Civil Service of Pakistan”.
What is IAS exam- Entry into the IAS is considered very difficult. Almost all of the applicants rank IAS as their top choice because of the high prestige and diversity of career it offers. The examination is taken by the Union Public Service Commission. The candidate has to go through preliminary, mains and interview stage . About 850 candidates are finally selected each year out of the nearly 550,000 but only a rank in the top 80 grantees an IAS selection.
Exam Pattern of IAS- Recently , the preliminary exam pattern has changed. There used to be 23 optional subjects on with a general studies paper. Now there will be no optional subjects in the preliminary examination. Instead there will be a second paper which will be common for all candidates (CSAT). It covers aptitude , general mathematics, comprehensive English, social studies, etc.
Eligibility for the Indian Administrative Service Exam- Only a Graduate certificate from college or university recognized under the UGC Act and the minimum age of twenty one years together with thirty years as the higher age limit. You are able to attempt for the IAS exam a maximum of four times till the age of thirty. Different relaxations in the age limit and number of tries are available for applicants from weaker segments.

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