IELTS- International English Language Testing System

International English Language Testing System known as IELTS, It’s an international regularized test of English language efficiency. It is contrived to determine the language ability of candidates who requisites to study or work where English is the language of communication. It is implemented by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council and IDP Education Pty Ltd.

How to get information regarding test- To get information you can contact your nearest examination center or you can also visit the official IELTS for more information regarding application procedures and the location of a test center nearby you.

Test Format- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking these are four sub-tests, or curriculum, to the IELTS test. The tests are deigned to cover the full range of ability from non-user to expert user. The main point to remember about the IELTS is the t you need to prepare and know the layouts and techniques for doing the test.

Tips for a Good IELTS Score- The main thing you do need to know the format of the test. Taking the test without knowing the test format may not lead you to your goal.

Work on Your speed- To get good score in IELTS you need to improve your speed in the following areas:

Reading- The main requisite for the Reading Test is speed reading. To improve your reading speed you must read a lot. You should Read newspapers, magazine etc regularly. It gonna help you to improve your speed.

Writing- To write fast, you need to come up with your ideas, Construct an impression in your mind of what you are going to write and finally write down. Your writing must have a flow. The necessary thing you need to take care is that sentence formation is correct.

Listening- The same rule applies to listening as well – listen as much as you can. You must watch English channels and movies. You can also Join English speaking groups and communities.

Nowadays many courses are offered for students who want to study IELTS online. Most IELTS course are fully synoptic, as well as being personalized so that they take into account each students strengths and weaknesses. It is an advantage for those who are working or too busy to attend classes for it.

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