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IBPS or institute of Banking personal selection is a procedure to shortlist candidates for the Banking Jobs. People these days seek for government and the banking jobs because they offer stability and high income scales. In earlier days the traditional method of taking this test was in practice but with the development of technology in every field and sector of world organizations, the new way of IBPS online test is being introduced in this field that allow the people to take it without any difficulty anywhere in India and in a limited time. The IBPS online test is an easy method to manage the huge number of candidates in easy slots in which they are divided to take it. It is convenient for both ends, because it makes the authorities to handle the traffic easily and the candidate will be able to get a good assistance and manual instructions on the screen on the right slot of time with which he is provided. Other than the convenience all the criteria is same for the candidates that include the syllabus, way to answer the questions, time duration and marks for the questions.

For being eligible for the IBPS online test the candidate need to fulfill the educational qualifications stated in the brochure and submit the fee while applying for it. The applications are accepted online and the admit cards are dispatched on certain time to those whose applications are successfully submitted and are accepted by the authorities. At the time of the test the candidate need to posses the identity card’s print out and some of the identification documents like the voter id, passport, license, Pan card or anything else that holds your photograph and the permanent address of your residence along with the date of birth.

The IBPS online test holds the same sections as there are in the paper and pen based exam but they are not displayed all at the same time. Candidate is able to look at one question at one time and there is a list of question numbers by clicking on which one will be able to look and answer the questions. After the description of the question there are radio buttons as options to click on them and only one can be selected and after saving that option one will not be able to edit it. Other than this there is one very exclusive option in it that is student can move to next without saving it, by doing this he will be able to edit it again if he feels the previous answer would be wrong. The list of questions will indicate about the questions which are successfully saved, answered and pending to answer. The list is only of one section which the candidate has to select in the starting. Time countdown keep on running on the top of the page that let you know about the time and manage your speed accordingly. So the IBPS online test makes it easier to take this exam by making use of modern technology and the practice can be easily done by making use of mock tests which are provided online on various websites.

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